#008: Talking to Chatbots: The Future of Marketing Technology

Justin JW Lee, head of Growth Chatbots & Messaging at HubSpot, joins Todd Stewart and Bob Calise to discuss his career path from the Republic of Singapore Air Force to startups and, ultimately, to Hubspot, his love of data science, and why nerds are taking over the world. You’ll...

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#007: The Philosophy Behind PopSockets

David Barnett, the CEO & Founder of the wildly popular consumer product, PopSockets, joins Todd Stewart and Bob Calise to discuss why he started PopSockets, how he made the jump from a full-time college philosophy professor to entrepreneur, and what it takes to create a successful consumer product. You’ll...

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#006: Building Unbreakable Communities and Becoming a Superconnector

Ryan Paugh, the COO & Co-Founder of The Community company, joins Todd Stewart and Bob Calise to discuss why he started The Community Company, how he became an expert in community building, how to do the perfect introduction, why habitual generosity matters in relationship building, and most importantly, how...

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#005: Exploring the Universe with NASA’s X-ray Telescope

Kim Arcand, the Visualization Lead for NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, joins Todd Stewart and Bob Calise to discuss the mysteries of the universe, what happens when massive galaxies collide, what really happens in black holes, and what space research means for life on earth. Kim explains how she went...

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#004: A Magician’s Story: Performing Magic for the New England Patriots with John Duke Logan

Magician & keynote speaker, John Duke Logan, joins Todd Stewart and Bob Calise to discuss the secrets behind the magic industry, how he became the media-dubbed team magician for the New England Patriots, what it was like performing on America’s Got Talent, and why his motto in life is...

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#003: Your Ticket to Pitching Expertise with Dr. James Buffi

Senior Analyst for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Dr. James Buffi Ph.D., joins Todd Stewart and Bob Calise to discuss the perfect pitching motion, the importance of technology in major league baseball, and the future of sports technology. We highlight how his career started off with mechanical and aerospace engineering, ...

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